Tuesday, 29 March 2016

What Pawan did is such a big mistake…?

Whatever Powerstar Pawan Kalyan does, or says becomes a hot topic.  It is a common thing when the situation is normal.  But the situation is charged with Sardaar Gabbar Singh fever now. Everybody will be closely watching Pawan for  his actions and statements. Pawan left for Switzerland just two days ago to participate in the songs shoot. As the director Bobby did not accompany the Sardaar team for the songs shoot, many people started criticizing Pawan.
There is a widespread opinion among the audience that Pawan himself directing Sardaar.  In such a situation, when director stays back in Hyderabad, people started commenting that Pawan is directing songs also. When people not aware of the film industry practices, they will believe that Pawan is really hijacking the director.
But the reality will be otherwise. Usually the director is not required to be present during the songs shoot. The reason is choreographer will compose the steps and cinematographer will look after visualization.  If the director is present at the location, that will be good.  Otherwise co-director or associate director will take care of direction for the time being. This is quite common practice in the film industry.
The same thing is happening in the case of Sardaar also.  As the deadline for Sardaar release is very near, director Bobby stayed back in Hyderabad to supervise the post production works of Sardaar.  There is no crime in this.. moreover it is absolutely nonsense to bring Pawan Kalyan into this and criticize him.

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